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Downeys Roofing Melbourne

If you are looking for a roofing Melbourne company who can offer you a complete range of solutions, you are at the right place. Downey’s Roofing is one of the oldest companies in Melbourne that offers high quality solutions at cost-effective prices. Downey’s Roofing Melbourne is one of the oldest and most experienced companies. We have been providing excellent services for a very long time and over the years we have focused a lot on providing customers with a service which truly satisfies them. This has led to us create what is now known as a complete solutions company. Regardless, of what you want to have done to your roof you can bet that at Downey’s we can do it much better and cost effectively than any other business.

Safety rails installation

Safety rails are very important for businesses that have their employees work on the roof. We are perhaps one of the few roofing in Melbourne companies that provides top of the line industrial quality railing for all sizes and types. We use the very best safety rails which are installed to provide the maximum amount of protection.

Extension specialists

Whether you are a builder or the owner of your home if you are considering extensions we can help you. Our team of experts can meet with you to discuss your preferences and plans for everything from tile profile to chose of color. Our quotation will then be based on what you want. Having said that we are one of the most experienced yet cost effective extension specialists in Melbourne.

Roof Repair Services

Whether your roof was damaged by a hurricane, storm or just because of age we can make it as good as new. Our experts can meet to examine the damage and then prescribe the best way to fix it, once you agree we get right to work. Our repair service is backed by a solid satisfaction guarantee.


We are the only roofing in Melbourne company that provides the very best four coat paint system which will make your roof look like it was built yesterday!

We and our team of professional experts live and breathe roofing as we have for so many years. This is why regardless of what your roofing needs may be you can trust us to deliver. For quotes or other information call 03 9752 0486.

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