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Work place safety is important, especially when working at heights. Downeys Roofing installs Roofing Industry Safety Rail Products throughout Victoria.


If you’re a Roofing Industry professional, looking for the best in Safety Rail products to hire, we’ve got a solution for you to implement.

Even if you’re a Building Developer or an owner developer with a “one off” safety project, call us and we’ll deliver a short term safety rail solution with a cost effective rental package.

We install safety rails for your project and remove the rails and safety platforms once your roofing job is complete. We take pride in providing prompt & reliable service!

Roof Tile Brackets


Roof tile brackets attach quickly and easily to the inside of fascias. They provide excellent access to posts for mounting and provide optimum safety for roof tillers.

  • Roof tiling
  • Angled roofing works

Roof Tile Restoration Brackets


Roof tile restoration brackets attach to the rafter allowing the roof tile to be placed over the top. This ensures the roof is kept watertight at all times. Ideal bracket for Roof Restoration works.

  • Roof tile restorations

Under Gutter (Pole Up System)


Under gutter brackets attach to the wooden fascia underneath the guttering. A pole is installed from ground up for additional support. Under gutter brackets is a more economical alternative to ground up scaffolding and is widely used in the metal roofing industry for re-roofing and restorations

  • Metel re-roofing and restorations
  • Roof tiling

Underslung Brackets


In safety situations where the railing cannot be mounted onto the upper or outer edges of an elevated work place, underslung bracket safety rails are ideal.

These non-penetrating brackets make installation easy when working with metal or tiled roofs. They do not penetrate the roof surface, but loop around from the underside of the external fascia or gutter. Hence they provide a safe elevated working environment without having to dismantle the roof to install them.

  • Ideal for domestic roofs with eaves
  • Period homes with slate roofs
  • Commercial installations

Gable Brackets


Gable brackets allow workmen to install barges safely. They are fixed to truss sides and do not interfere with other fall protection devices.

  • Truss works
  • Barge installation

Commercial Wall Brackets


Safety rail commercial wall brackets are ideal for use in commercial building applications, especially where the roofing is horizontal.

  • Timber and brick walls
  • Tilt slabs
  • Factories
  • Sheds

Stud Wall Brackets


Safety Rail stud wall brackets are fixed to the stud wall exteriors and can be used on roofs without eaves. They are quick and simple to erect and enable the safe installation of metal roofing.

  • Stud walls
  • Eave – free roofing
  • Metal roofing installations

Metal Screw Down Brackets


Designed for existing metal roofs for safe work installing Air conditioners, solar heating panels and maintenance. Can be installed for permanent use.

  • Metal roof installations
  • Sloping roofs

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