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When you are getting a roof installed, you need to be sure that the company you are hiring for the job has the expertise and the experience to handle the job well.  Since the installation is large and covers the entire house or building, it has to be built to perfection and attention to detail.

When Downey’s Roofing handles the job, you have peace of mind and the assurance that the roof will give you years of trouble-free service.  We are one of the oldest companies in the industry in Melbourne and have the knowledge and skills to handle every job to perfection.

Different Solutions

We offer a complete range of roofing solutions such as:

  • Safety Rails Installation– We provides top-of-the-line industrial standard railing in a range of sizes and types.  The best safety rails are used  and this provides maximum protection
  • Extension Specialists– Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a builder, we can help with the best extensions. We take all aspects into consideration and ensure that the work is completed within your budget and specified time-frame
  • Roof Repair Services– We handle all types of roofing repairs and have the skill and expertise to fix the roof perfectly
  • Restorations– We are one of the best companies that provides this Roofing Service in Malvern. The 4-coat paint system that we use ensures your roof will look as new as the day it was built

Expert Services

When it comes to any type of Roofing Service in Malvern, you need look no further than Downey’s Roofing. We handle projects of every scale and ensure that the work is carried out within the pre-decided time frame and within your budget. Simply contact us on 03 9752 0486 or via this contact form and tell us what your requirements are. We will provide you customised solutions at the most reasonable costs.

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