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What protects you and your family from harsh weather conditions?

The roof of your house that shelters you and your valuables from the harsh weather. It is constantly exposed to severe conditions; be it the soaring temperature or a heavy rainfall. No wonder why it requires a lot of maintenance and care. We at Downey’s Roofing, one of the oldest companies, strongly recommend you to get your roof restored on an urgent basis instead of ignoring it for weeks and ending up paying a high price for it.

A damaged roof is not only aesthetically unappealing but also is a threat to the safety of your people and property. It requires immediate and serious attention and who could be a better choice than us. Being a two decade old company, we are certainly one of the best companies to offer all forms of roof restorations Melbourne services. We are purely dedicated to offer high quality services unlike many other fly-by-night ones who offer quick fixes that will not last more than a season or two. Our highly skilled manpower can accurately determine what needs to be done and will therefore, be able to offer you the best and most relevant services.

We seriously understand the consequences of cheap and low quality work. We guarantee that we will not compromise with the quality of our services only to keep our prices low and this is the reason why we guarantee our work. Depending up on the work, the guarantee duration can be between 7 years and 50 years. Our work guarantee strengthens our position as an industry leader. Further, we are a licensed company that is a member of Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Restoring your old roof that has started showing signs of wear and tear is important to extend its life and make it as good as new. Only trained and experienced roof restorations Melbourne experts like us would be able to do a good job. Don’t get trapped by the lowest price quotes offered by tons of not-so-reliable roof restoration companies in and around Melbourne. Don’t risk the life of your people and property; choose an insured, licensed, and certified company like us.

Being a highly experienced roof restoration Melbourne company, we offer all forms of services that are required to get your roof back to its normal and healthy condition. Fill out the online form to get a rough estimate of what it will cost you to get your roof completely restored. Our team will visit you soon to evaluate the site and will then be able to submit an exact quote. We will be genuine and will not ask you to go for a complete restoration even if you just need some basic repair work. Once you accept our quote and agree to our terms and conditions, we will start our work immediately. You may opt for our other services to get a good discount. We offer all forms of roofing services, be it a repair job or a new construction.

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